Masters Speciality Pharma and Synchrony Pharma Limited have announced a second strategic partnership to leverage their respective expertise. This new partnership helps Masters further developed its goal of providing high-quality medicines for all by prioritising emerging markets. By expanding their partnership, the two companies are accelerating patients’ access to innovative treatments in the therapeutic area of oncology.

The first licensing agreement between Masters and Synchrony Pharma was signed in 2016 and concerned the registration and supply of a product for patients with multiple myeloma to be sold under Masters’ own brand in Central America.

The latest agreement, signed at the end of 2017, concerns the local registration and supply of another oncology drug used to treat rare types of lung cancer, which will eventually be made available to patients in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Masters’ Chief Business Officer, Dr William P Watson comments: “Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. About 1.1 million people are diagnosed with cancer annually in Latin America and the Caribbean[1], with lung cancer being the leading cause of cancer deaths for both sexes in this region[2]. Against this backdrop, providing access to affordable and trusted oncology medicines that comply with the highest regulatory and quality standards is essential. At Masters, we believe that working closely together with partners like Synchrony Pharma to supply life-saving medicines, plays an essential role in enabling us to fulfil an unmet patient need in developing and emerging markets. “

This partnership with Synchrony is under Masters Speciality Pharma’s new division, Masters Speciality Medicine (MSM) which aims to provide a reliable and affordable source of high-quality Masters-branded medicines which have regulatory approvals in their local markets.

Synchrony Pharma’s vision is to be a preferred partner in the development and commercialisation of generic injectable and speciality pharmaceutical products. Synchrony seeks out opportunities in specialist areas, often with unmet clinical need, low competition and early entry market advantage. Synchrony builds high-quality registration dossiers with reliable and low-cost supply chains. Synchrony maximises commercialisation opportunity by developing long term relationships with a global network of fast-moving and respected partners. Synchrony exports to over 60 territories globally and, continues to build an innovative product pipeline.

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