Brazil and South America

South America is a diverse and complex region. Many of the countries, including Brazil, have “Health for All” in their constitution, putting an obligation on the healthcare services, both private and public to obtain the prescribed treatment from abroad if it is not available locally.

For many hospitals, clinics and patients, accessibility is one of the biggest challenges they face in accessing high-quality medicines.

Our main objective is to stay close to customers in the region and enable greater interaction, and provision of services to them. With an office in Sao Paulo, it was possible to better understand the needs of customers, and be able to supply them in a more customized way.

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Masters Speciality Pharma’s South American presence continues to grow, and has been operating in the country since 1997 from our office in São Paulo. This has helped us to fulfill growing demand from physicians and patients alike across the South American region. Some of the main diseases areas we focus on include hepatitis, and rare diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis and Sickle Cell Disease. Our office works with public institutions and HMO’s throughout Brazil and South America, including: Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.



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Sao Caetano, Brazil:


In 2006,  Masters Speciality Pharma Brazil acquired ANVISA approvals required a fully equipped laboratory in Sao Caetano for compliance. This facility provides QA release and Pharmaceutical Equivalence studies where necessary.


Masters (Aregno) Montevideo, Uruguay:


Masters in South America expanded its activities in 2018 by setting up a distribution hub in Montevideo to accommodate supply chain logistics to our Bio Pharma partners and client base in Latin America and the Caribbean.





Masters Speciality Pharma launched Neuropad®, a rapid and reliable screening test for diabetic foot syndrome, in Brazil in late 2019. Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate worldwide. In Brazil alone over 16.8 million adults have diabetes, which accounts for 7.6% of the entire population of Brazil, and 3% of the global diabetic population. Developed by the German company, TRIGOcare International GmbH, Neuropad works by rapidly detecting the level of moisture in the feet. Find out more about Neuropad today.