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  • Easter Bank Holiday Closures

  • UK Headquarters Bank Holidays
    18-Apr - Good Friday
    21-Apr  - Easter Monday

    Brazil Public Holidays
    Apr-18 - Good Friday
    Apr-21 - Tiradentes Day

    El-Salvador Public Holidays
    17-Apr Maundy Thursday
    18-Apr Good Friday
    19-Apr Holy Saturday

    USA Public Holidays
    Normal office open hours apply

  • Tue 14th Dec 2010Read More


    Masters has appointed Hugo Mendoza as Business Development Director for the Caribbean and Central America territories, joining the company on 1st April 2014.

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  • Masters Pharmaceuticals Ltd donates vital neonatal medicines to the people of Haiti

  • Masters Pharmaceuticals Ltd donates vital neonatal medicines to the people of Haiti working in collaboration with three midwives employed by the Cayman Island Health Services Authority 

    Masters Pharmaceuticals is pleased to respond to the medicinal requirements of the Haitian people, specifically relating to the request for a donation of medicines for the use in neonatal care.
    This comes following an appeal from three midwives of the Cayman Island’s Health Service Authority, through their association with Midwives for Haiti ( one of the many organisations to lend their support. These three volunteer midwives will be travelling to Haiti to carry out vital care work in January 2014.  

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Masters Pharmaceuticals is a global specialty healthcare company with a heritage of over 29 years working with Manufacturers, Hospitals, Pharmacists, Governments and individual patients with the singular objective of 'Improving lives through patient access'. With strategic locations across 3 continents, Masters is uniquely poised to offer a truly global solution to your supply needs.


"Masters sourced and imported critical comparator medicines for our clinical trial work in Brazil and we were confident that it was done in the correct and legal way, ensuring that the integrity of the product and the supply chain was maintained throughout"


"Patients waiting for Mircera approval (Roche medication for anemia / chronic renal illness), had the option of importing the product through Masters. The Nephrologists that prescribed the medication were extremely satisfied with the safety, speed and ease to access. For the patients, it was the chance to get access to the medication even before the product was approved"

Roche Pharmaceuticals

"Masters have enabled us to supply a 'life saving' medication on a legal and secure basis whereby previously the only channels open were those of dubious integrity and at a prohibitive cost


"As a global player in the hospital planning / construction / management business, we turned to Masters in assisting us build a robust, secure and cost effective Pharma procurement strategy in the Caribbean market. During the 1st year we have benefited from a significant improvement in both service and cost saving"

InterHealthCanada (TCI) Ltd